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Bird control (removal) by qualified pest control specialists is essential in areas such as food production facilities, restaurants, hospitals, commercial properties and residential homes. Nuisance birds not only damage the image of businesses and properties but carry several harmful diseases. Our bird removal pest control services extend to all bird species. In Gauteng, these consist of mainly pigeons, sparrows, starlings and Indian mynahs. Where possible, we try to relocate rather than exterminate birds.

How to Identify Whether You Require Bird Control

Birds are relatively easily identified and normally spend time close to their nesting areas. Certain species flock and nest together whereas others nest alone. These nesting areas can be within a building or roof structure or outside the building in a sheltered area such as a roof overhang. Bird droppings, feathers, egg shells and nesting materials such as dried grass are often found below a nesting area.

Bird Control

Why the need for Bird Removal?

Bird Removal is typically sought after for the following reasons:

  • Birds damage a business’s image as they create unsightly nests and defecate on the exterior throughout the day. These nests can also block gutters and damage A/C units. Droppings can damage and stain a building’s exterior finish as well as parked cars.

Bird Removal

  • Several serious diseases such as Aspergillosis, Encephalitis, Salmonellosis and Histoplasmosis can be passed to humans through bird droppings
  • At least 7 ectoparasites are carried by birds including mites, lice, ticks and fleas which spread disease to humans
  • If birds gain access to feed on stored products these products would become contaminated and be lost.
  • Birds can become aggressive during their breeding season and attack homeowners, customers and employees.

Pest Control Techniques for Bird Removal

We at Pest Control Pros use several different techniques to ensure successful bird control.

Every bird removal situation is unique and will generally require a call out.

Unlike most pest control companies, we do not charge for bird control call outs.

Exterminate Bird

Typical Bird Control methods include:

  • The installation of Eagle Eye™ bird scarer’s. These are used for bird removal in large areas such as hospitals to harmlessly relocate rather than exterminate birds. The birds are irritated by the reflected light beams and struggle to fly or land.
  • Bird spikes are used for bird removal along ledges, gable walls and A/C units to prevent birds from perching or nesting in these areas.
  • Physical barriers such as netting or building materials are used to prevent birds from entering buildings or roofs

We also have a close working relationship with Roof Cleaning Professionals where bird infestations within roofs are severe. After the bird removal, the complete roof space is cleaned out, vacuumed and sanitized. For more info CLICK HERE

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