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Fumigation services can be defined as the act of introducing a toxic chemical (typically a gas) into an enclosed space. The gas is released in such a manner that it disperses evenly, acting on target pests within the enclosed area. Fumigation pest control is extremely effective as the gas eliminates all life stages of pests including, eggs and larvae. On completion of the pest fumigation, the fumigant has the added advantage of leaving no pesticide residue.

The term “fumigation” is often mistakenly used by clients and homeowners for an aerosol or spray treatment of household pests. However, fumigation pest control is used when it is impossible to treat an infestation using normal control methods. Fumigation services are typically used for treatment of stored product pests within bulk commodities and wood destroying organisms in houses. In Gauteng, we do not often come across wood destroying organism infestations. In South Africa, 95% of all fumigation services by pest control companies are carried out on shipping containers. The container itself or its contents may require pest fumigation to comply with international trade legislation. Other common fumigation services include; imported & exported commodities to ensure pests do not enter or leave the country, as well as silos and wooden packaging materials such as pallets.

How to Identify Whether You Require Fumigation Services

Wood destroying organisms can sometimes be seen and heard. Common indications include sawdust, faecal droppings, hollow sounding timber as well as holes where the moths or beetles enter/exit.

Stored product pests can usually be seen within bulk commodities. They often leave narrow paths on top of grain products as they walk using the same paths. Webbing, faecal matter, hollowed out grain as well as holes within grain and seed is also common.

Fumigation Services

Common stored product pests found by our pest control specialists in Gauteng include; weevils, beetles, mites and moths

Why use Fumigation Services?

Fumigation services can safeguard businesses within the shipping and cargo, agricultural warehousing, milling and refining industries.

Wood destroying organisms cause serious damage to wooden structures as they feed off the cellulose within timber. Depending on the pest, timber can lose all structural integrity and fall apart or collapse.Stored product pests damage or destroy grain or seed by feeding on the product and laying eggs within the product.


Huge financial losses can be caused by stored product pest infestations where the product must be destroyed.

Fumigation Pest Control Techniques

There are several fumigation pest control options provided by the Pest Control Pros.

The most popular being methyl bromide or phospine gas fumigation.

Methyl bromide, although most common, may only be used on quarantined goods in South Africa and is therefore limited.


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