Pest Control 101: How Effective Is Ant Control Really?

Ant control is by far the most complex pest management service you will come across. This is partly due to the large numbers of colonies, but also the elaborate intricacy of where the ants set up their nests. You will find more than 1000 described ant species in Southern Africa, making it impossible to control them all with a single solution.  

It can be frustrating and disheartening to discover ants in your home. Sometimes even the cleanest kitchen can attract these determined pests. Traps that contain bait are typically advised when looking for a way to eradicate ants. But are ant traps the best solution for managing an infestation in your home?

Are Ant Traps Any Good?

Ant traps do have the power to kill large numbers of ants, but they don’t leave any residual. You can easily clear an area today, and it will be re-infested by ant colonies from surrounding areas the next. Additionally, not all ants like to feed on bait, so the key to effective control is to know their preference. 

To complicate matters further, different baits are attractive at different times of the year. It will depend on what foods they need and the developmental stage of the colony. Target-specific baits are one of the greatest developments in ant management and allow you to control large numbers of ants.

Colony Elimination Can Take Time

Ants can’t consume solids because they are liquid feeders. By feeding them solid granule bait, they will take it back to the colony for larvae. Larvae can dissolve solids into liquid because they have enzymes. This liquid is then fed to the rest of the colony through oral secretions. It isn’t a fast process but can destroy the colony and its ability to survive and grow. 

Often, customers will still notice ant activity for some time and think that the treatment isn’t working. It’s important to realise that this process might not be instant but still is effective at eliminating an ant problem. 

At Pest Control Pros, we use a good residual barrier product to overcome the delay and prevent ant entry into the building. This helps to achieve quick and visible results to satisfy our customers. 

We also employ liquid baits where ants can have easy access, but customers won’t disturb them to manage established ant nests.  

Control Ants Efficiently and Affordably

Because it can be challenging to identify the ant species you’re dealing with, and which treatment method would be best suited, it is vital to contact a professional for your pest management solution. Bait ingredients differ, and some can be more or less effective than others. 

For more information about ant control or to request a quote, get in touch with the team at Pest Control Pros today. 

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