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Many Gauteng homeowners seek ant control services from Pest Control Pros. This isn’t surprising, as Gauteng’s sunny and dry climate creates the perfect environment for Pharaoh ants and Black ants, the most common local species. While most homeowners simply want to eliminate these pests as a nuisance, Pharaoh ants can also carry diseases. Homes with ant infestations often find them targeting all food types, especially sweets.

Ants rely on pheromones to mark their trails, creating those distinctive lines. Disrupting these pheromones leaves lost ants searching for a new nest, potentially doubling the problem by establishing a second colony. To effectively eliminate ants and prevent this scenario, contacting a pest control specialist is crucial. Using the wrong treatment can backfire and lead to a larger infestation.


Signs of an Ant Problem

Typical indications of an ant problem include:

    • Ants seen foraging for food both indoors or outside to take back to their nest.
    • Heaps or mounds of sand found on lawns or pavements is often caused by an ant problem. These heaps are formed by ants pushing soil out of the ground to expand their nest.
  • Ants seen entering or exiting their nest which is usually a hole in the ground

Ant Control

Why the need for Ant Control?

While black ants are more likely a nuisance, particularly when getting into food, large infestations can necessitate control measures.

It’s important to note that ant activity can cause damage. As they expand their nests, they remove sand, which can lead to issues with paving and brickwork.

Lawns and plants may also suffer negative effects from ant presence.


Ants Exterminate

Pharaoh ants are known to carry disease-organisms on their exoskeleton as they are found in refuse areas, sewers and drains. Therefore, an ant problem is considered serious in hospitals or healthcare facilities.

A less common ant problem is a red fire ant infestation. These ants have a sting which can endanger infants, bedridden people or confined pets.

Ant Control Technique

Only a relatively small percentage (about 5-10%) of the ant colony is seen foraging, the rest remain in the nest. Therefore, a residual spray to treat an ant problem has little to no effect.

We, unlike alternative pest control companies, advise on two treatments. During the first treatment, we lay bait which the ants take into their nest and distribute among the colony. In this way, the behaviour of the ants works against them

Ant kill

If the initial bait treatment doesn’t eliminate the entire ant colony, we can move to a targeted approach. This method involves using a high-pressure pump to inject the nest directly with insecticide. Similar to termite control, this technique reaches ants that might have avoided the bait altogether. In severe cases, a combination of residual spray and gel bait can also be used for a more comprehensive attack.

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