Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are flat, oval and wingless parasites that survive exclusively by sucking blood. There are several species of bed bugs, all of which target humans or warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are more commonly found in hotels or homes where the occupants travel often, whilst sleeping in different beds. With the increased ease of global travel so too is there an increase in bed bug infestations. If bed bug treatment is not sought by experienced pest control specialists the infestation can become severe. Female bed bugs can lay over 250 eggs in their lifetime. These eggs develop into fertile adults within 6-7 weeks.

Typical Signs of Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are active at night just before dawn which is when they feed on their hosts unnoticed. A bedbug’s bite is a very itchy red to whitish lump on the skin which can resemble a mosquito bite.

Bedbugs can typically be found in beds (behind folds, and seams), bedding, cracks in the bed frame, behind wallpaper or within any furniture or upholstery close to the bed. They are very small, with adults only reaching 3-4mm, and can often be seen by the naked eye.

Bed Bug

Where infestations are more severe, tiny blood stains or their fecal matter can also be seen on the bedding.

Why the need for a Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bug treatment is sought by most victims as the bites are very itchy, uncomfortable and unsightly.

A bed bugs bite can also result in blistering, skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Bedbugs also have a very distinctive, foul odor.

Bed Bug Treatment

Pest Control Technique for Bed Bugs

As one of Gauteng’s top pest control companies the Pest Control Pros is experienced in eradicating all bed bug infestations.

Our pest control services include treating all bedding, beds and bedrooms which are infested with an insecticide spray.

A once off bed bug treatment is usually sufficient to eradicate a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs

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