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Rodent control is vital for ensuring a healthy and disease free environment. The Center for Disease Control links rats as transferring nearly a dozen diseases directly to humans. The need to exterminate rodents is crucial as they are spreading right through Africa at an alarming rate. Where no rodent control measures exist, a female rat, as an example, can produce over 100 babies a year. These offspring reach maturity and are ready to mate within two months.

In South Africa, the most common rodents found are the Norway rat, the Roof rat and the House mouse. Rodent control becomes more necessary during the winter months as rodents seek refuge in homes to avoid the cold. Pest control specialists note that rodents are intelligent animals and adapt well to new environments. However, our pest control technicians are qualified and experienced to exterminate all rodent infestations.

How to Identify Whether You Require Rodent Control

Rodents enter homes, apartments, restaurants, animal stalls and storerooms through any cracks and openings in search of food.

Rats are more active at sunset whilst mice are active before sunrise.

Rodent control is required where:

Rodent Control

  • Rodent droppings are found
  • Well-worn paths are found through vegetation. Body oil stains along walls and pipes are also an indication of a rodent infestation.
  • Visible gnawing marks are found on anything pliable such as electrical wires, wood, plastics and even on bricks.
  • Rodent urine is smelt, this is an indication of a large population
  • Scurrying noises are heard on ceilings

Why the need to Exterminate Rodents?

Over 35 various diseases are recorded as being transmitted through rodents. Rodents carry diseases such as Rat Bite Fever, Salmonellosis, Murine Typhus, Weils disease and the Bubonic plague. Companies can be held legally liable for not adhering to rodent control legislation. Thus, professional pest control services should be sought to effectively exterminate any infestations.

Rodent Control Techniques

Rat poison, in the form of rodenticide, has been found by reputable pest control companies to be the most effective form of rodent control.

Rat baiting occurs mostly outside, within the garage and roof areas where rats are more common.

Mouse baiting occurs within the house as this is where they nest and forage. In food preparation areas, rat poison may not be used, therefore break back traps and glue boards are used.

Rat sized bait stations placed on exterior of building.

As a permanent rodent control solution to homeowners we also offer roof sealing as an option. This completely prevent rodents from entering your roof space and thus the need to exterminate them.

We also have a close working relationship with Roof Cleaning Professionals where rodent infestations within roofs are severe. The complete roof space is cleaned out, vacuumed and sanitized. For more info CLICK HERE

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