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Cockroach control is considered one of the most crucial services provided by pest control companies. The presence of cockroaches is repulsive to most people and said to be the worst residential and commercial pest. They are most common in kitchen areas and contaminate food and kitchen utensils producing foul odours, spreading allergens and disease. Cockroaches will eat virtually anything in their path including their dead. While cockroaches thrive in areas with poor sanitation, even the cleanliest residences and restaurants may require preventative cockroach control measures.

How to Identify Whether You Require Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are flat, long insects which allows them to get into very tight cracks and crevices. They have two long antennae and are shades of brown in colour.

They prefer moist, warm and dark environments. Therefore, cockroach control is typically required in kitchens, bathrooms, electrical boxes, cupboards, sewers and drains.

Cockroach Control

When trying to spot, or kill cockroaches with aerosols, it can be difficult as they scurry for cover at any disturbances or vibrations. Therefore, infestations can become quite severe before pest control services are sought. A seasoned cockroach killer would normally find droppings, egg casings and/or carcasses in the corners of kitchen cupboards. Where infestations are more sever, cockroaches give off a strong odour.

Why Kill Cockroaches?

There are several reasons for reliable cockroach control services by a professional. Cockroaches move from filth to food stuffs spreading disease. Food poisoning and illnesses such as Typhoid, Gastroenteritis, Polio, Dysentery and Hepatitis can all be transmitted through cockroach behaviour.

Sensitive individuals can be allergic to cockroach excrement and their cast-off skins, causing watery eyes, rashes or wheezing.

Cockroach Killer

Children are more susceptible to these health risks requiring a greater need for swift cockroach control.

Cockroach Control Techniques

As a professional cockroach killer, we at Pest Control Pros use the latest pest management techniques to kill cockroaches. We have found the most effective cockroach control treatment to be the use of gel baits. Where required our pest control specialists also use spray treatments in the form of emulsifiable concentrates or wettable powders.

For cockroach control in food production areas, pheromone traps are found to be the safest and most effective cockroach killer.

Kill Cockroaches

Unlike a once off termite control treatment, regular preventative cockroach control treatments may be necessary for susceptible areas.

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