Bed Bugs: Treatment for Bed Bugs That Actually Work

Bed bugs are rapid breeders, so once they attach themselves to a hosts luggage or clothing item, a bed bug infestation in your home is inevitable. Bed bugs are so tiny that they can hide in cracks and crevices as thin as a credit card. While not exactly a hazard to your health, they do cause red, itchy bumps on the skin that can become infected. 

Bed Bugs: Treatment for Bedding and Furniture

To get rid of bed bugs, you have to start cleaning where they live. Here’s how you should go about it:

  • Scrub your mattress seams and headboard using a firm brush to remove bedbugs and their eggs before vacuuming.
  • Clean linen, bedding, curtains, clothing, stuffed animals, shoes and other washable items in hot water and dry them on the highest dryer setting. 
  • Vacuum your bed, furniture and surrounding area. Immediately place the vacuum cleaner contents in a plastic bag and throw it out.
  • Get rid of clutter around the bed.
  • Repair baseboard cracks, peeling wallpaper and cracked wall plaster to eliminate places where bedbugs can hide.

You may want to throw out your mattress and get a new one if it’s heavily infested. But make sure you treat the rest of your home for bedbugs, to prevent them from infesting your new mattress once again.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Get Help from a Professional

The biggest mistake people make is not calling for help soon enough. The longer you wait, the bigger your infestation and the probability of spreading within your home. 

Once you spot the signs of a bed bug infestation, get in touch with Pest Control Pros. Our team of experienced pest technicians will provide you with the most suitable treatment plan. It is common knowledge that removing bedbugs with over-the-counter insecticides isn’t very effective. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding on human blood. An adult female bed bug can lay up to 10 eggs per day and up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. It is vital that you find and eliminate every last bed bug in your home, or it will keep getting reinfested. 

The sooner our pest specialists can assess your home, the quicker we can treat your infestation and stop it from spreading. Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to find and document evidence of the bed bug infestation. This will help us determine the best course of action to ensure a pest-free environment.  

At Pest Control Pros, we provide various professional treatments for bed bug control, such as chemical-free heat treatments and insecticide chemical treatments using a residual spray. 

Let us help you get rid of your bed bug infestation fast and effectively. For more information or to request a free quote, speak to the team at Pest Control Pros today!

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