Effective Fly Extermination: How Do You Control House Flies?

The same thing happens every spring. Flies are swarming over your head and eating something sticky that you left on the counter.

You probably know what a fly infestation looks like every spring if you have a compost pile or live near farmland. Fly infestations are like something out of a horror movie. A patio door screen can be covered with hundreds of flies in one afternoon.

Flies land on food, soda, dog food, and other things in your house to get a tasty meal. Flies will be drawn to anything sweet. Are houseflies able to smell? Of course. If you have trash lying around, or a smell that is awful, flies will gather in your yard or in your house.

The average housefly lives between 15 and 25 days. During the day, flies are more active, but they can be a problem at night when they’re looking for a place to sleep. In the home, houseflies live on walls, floors, and ceilings. Houseflies can also be found near windows.

How Do You Control House Flies?

The housefly eats the same things as its cousins-garbage, manure, rotten fruit, and dead animals. When you clean up dog messes and keep your trashcan closed, you can reduce the number of flies entering your backyard. Flies can transfer bacteria from faeces to food.

Houseflies carry more than one hundred pathogens that they spread when they land on your food or when they lay eggs on your pet’s waste. Plus, these filthy creatures constantly defecate wherever they happen to land, including your kitchen island.

You don’t have to be stuck with a housefly infestation. Fortunately, there are three ways to keep those flies out of your house and backyard:

Keep a Clean House

Do you remember the expression, “Cleanliness is next to godliness?” Well, that’s the first step in keeping houseflies away from your home and backyard.

The following are some cleaning tips:

  • Frequently change your kitchen trash
  • Clean out your kitchen trashcan regularly
  • Make sure all food and beverages are covered
  • Clean up any crumbs and spills on the counter or table
  • Cover outdoor trashcans with tight lids
  • Ensure your home has no broken seals, vents, or torn screens
  • Before placing bottles and cans in the recycling bin, rinse them out
  • Make sure the yard is clean too, including dog waste
  • Throw out any food that’s lying around
  • Clean your outdoor grill and remove any food bits that are left behind

Get in Touch with a Local Exterminator

If you are unable to get rid of houseflies using the above controls, then you should contact a pest control company.

Keeping your family safe whilst getting rid of filthy flies is the job of your local pest management company. Need help protecting your home from flies and other common pests? Contact Pest Control Pros to find out more.

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