How A Rodent Infestation Can Destroy Your Beautiful Home

Rodents are filthy little ‘house guests’ that you need to get rid of quickly. A rodent infestation left untreated will result in a costly problem that might take a lot of time to solve completely.

Mice & Rats can wreak havoc in your home. You’d be surprised at just how much damage they can cause. Below are three ways rodents can ruin your home.

Electrical Rodent Damage

In case you aren’t aware, rodents gnaw (chew) on everything, especially the insulation surrounding electrical wires. These wires are essential to some of the most expensive items in your home, which you will need to repair or replace if gnawed on severely. The cost though isn’t the only issue, by stripping the insulation and leaving your wiring exposed it can easily spark and cause an electrical fire, posing a great risk to yourself and your loved ones.

Structural Rodent Damage

Aside from wires, rodents can gnaw through wood, plastics, sheetrock, and other materials. Not only are these damaged items often in hard to reach areas for repairs, but they can also compromise the structural Integrity of your home.


You can often smell a rodent infestation or nesting area from a mile away! These odours are caused by rodent faeces and urine which they excrete continuously along their foraging trails and in their nests. Additionally, rodents, as mammals carry germs and bacteria which are transferrable to humans.

Coming into contact with rodent urine and faeces is very common on easily accessible surfaces like countertops and cabinets. However, in areas such as your roof, old rodent waste including carcasses, hair particles, faeces and urine slowly decompose and turns into dust which filters into your living spaces along cracks in cornices and gaps around light fittings etc. This can be the cause of breathing problems and lung diseases etc.

Get Rid of Rodents Fast with Help from Pest Control Experts

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