How to Get Rid of Ants – Advice from the Experts

It’s currently summer in South Africa which can only mean one thing – ant season! Ants work very hard during summer to replenish their food supply before winter. Ants are, for the most part, relatively inactive in winter and go into a sort of hibernation.

While ants search for food and water, they leave a scent trail along their route allowing others to follow and to return to their nest. Their main target areas are typically the bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Kitchens are used to prepare food which is why most people are hesitant to use sprays or gas to control ants in this sensitive area. There are however some practical steps you can take to eliminate ants before the infestation becomes out of control.

  1. Determine What Ant Species You’re Dealing With

Chances are you’re dealing with either Pharaohs or Black ants which are they small ants typically found in homes and paved areas, but to make sure, do a quick google search. A pest control specialist like Pest Control Pros can also help you identify the ant species.

  1. Find Their Nest

To eradicate an ant problem, you need to target their nests. To find Pharaohs or Black ant nests, you can follow their pheromone path back to the nest. The larger ant species unfortunately spread out much further and don’t walk in straight lines making their nests within the garden much more difficult to locate, however the activity is always increased around the nest. Never use a pesticide on the ant’s path, this will only disturb their pheromone trail, causing them to “bud” where the ants that can’t find their way back to the nest start a new nest, creating a bigger infestation.

  1. Decide on a Treatment Course

You can opt to treat your ant infestation yourself with a range of pesticides available off the shelf. Alternatively, if you are located in Pretoria or Centurion you can contact the Pest Control Pros to eliminate the problem for you. Ants are unfortunately not the easiest pest to get rid of long term, making use of an experienced pest control professional generally gives much better results than DIY methods.

For more information or help with getting rid of an ant infestation, speak to the team at Pest Control Pros today.

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