How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever

The nature of cockroaches makes them difficult to control. Which means that the best way to get rid of these little gremlins is through prevention. It will save you both time and money to decrease the probability of cockroaches entering your property.

Cockroach prevention can be attained in a few easy steps. Something as easy as keeping your kitchen clean can go a long way in keeping cockroaches out of your home. Below are 4 prevention tips to help you get rid of cockroaches for good:

  1. Take Away Their Food Sources

Being scavengers, cockroaches rely on the food left behind by humans. Their diet typically consists of carbs, sugar and protein, much like us. In order to prevent them from entering your home, you need to remove any food sources by washing your dishes and emptying your trash can regularly.

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a clean house is one of the best ways to lower the risk of attracting cockroaches. Make sure you clean up all spillage and clear food leftovers from counters to prevent cockroaches. Something to keep in mind is that cockroaches are more active when it’s dark, so it would be a good idea to put away pet food when not using it.

  1. Remove Clutter

Did you know, to inform other cockroaches that they have found a secure place to live, cockroaches release a pheromone in their droppings. If your kitchen is full of clutter such as stacks of boxes and newspapers, you will attract unwanted cockroaches. To prevent this, keep your kitchen and home as de-cluttered as possible.

  1. Do Regular Maintenance

If you don’t already know this, cockroaches thrive in dark, damp areas. Which means you will typically find them near drains and pipes in your home or business. A good cockroach prevention measure is to clear blocked drains and repair damaged pipes and leaks.

What If I Already Have a Cockroach Infestation?

To get rid of cockroaches you’ll need pest management from a professional. The best way to rid your property of cockroaches is to contact The Pest Control Pros. We’ll be able to offer your expert advice and a foolproof solution to your problem. Give us a call for a free inspection and quote today!


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