How To Get Rid Of Termites [And Keep Them Away For Good]

Homeowners come face to face with a lot of pests over the years, but the most damaging and costly pest of them all are termites. These little critters feed on the organic fibrous material (cellulose) found in plants and wood. This means that they’ll feed on anything that’s made of cellulose in your home such as wooden furniture, skirtings, door frames, books and roof trusses etc. Getting rid of them fast should be of utmost importance as your home insurance does not cover the damage caused.

Assuming they weren’t already in your home, there are only two ways termites can enter and infest your home: Through the ground and by air. The most common termites in South Africa are subterranean termites and harvester termites.

Signs You Might Have a Termite Infestation on Your Hands

  • Winged termites swarming around a light source close to or in your house
  • Small heaps of discarded swarmer termite wings
  • Mud tubes made of soil along your walls, external trees or wooden fixtures
  • Empty, or mud filled spaces left in the wood where termites burrowed through
  • Hollow wood with just a thin veneer left behind

Termites thrive in moist and dark areas which is why they prefer to live right below any wooden surface and carry water into their galleries.

How to Get Rid of Subterranean Termites

There are various ways to get rid of termites but the most effective and widely used method to protect your home is known as the  perimeter barrier treatment (drilling & injection method) that will infect termites upon contact and thereafter transfer from termite to termite to infect and sterilize the nest. Baiting treatments are often less effective and take more time to act. Boric Acid is another alternative and is considered a more natural pest control solution but is only an option as a pre-construction termite treatment.

We strongly advise you hire professional pest control contractors to carry out a perimeter barrier treatment for termite control. Unlike general garden pest treatments, it involves the use of machines and a substantial amount of termiticide. A pest control specialist can detect termite activity and infestations as well as assess its severity and provide recommendations

At Pest Control Pro’s we take great pride in our extensive knowledge of termites and other pests. We can help you uncover the problem and offer efficient solutions to get rid of them for good. For more information or if you want a free quote, get in touch with the team today!


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