How to Get Rid of Termites Completely

Termites are an important part of our ecological system. They are responsible for recycling dead wood and plants. But, they are also a leading cause of household property damage.

Also known as the silent destroyer, termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare come true. Often, their presence is only discovered after extensive damage has already been done.

There are a number of termite species. The most common termites found in Gauteng though are the harvester termites and subterranean termites.

Harvester Termites (Back Stripes Along Back)

Harvester Termites forage for grass blades at night and during limited daylight hours. Unlike Subterranean termites they are most often observed outside of their nest. These termites have small nests located just under the grass which are connected via galleries. Conical mounds of soil are brought to the surface when creating or extending the nest and is the first indicator of a harvester termite infestation. These termites can work exceptionally fast at destroying a lawn if left untreated.

Subterranean Termites (Creamy Brown Colour)

Similar to harvester termites, subterranean termites prefer hot, humid climates. Unlike harvester termites though, they are never seen out in the open and will cover whatever they are eating with a sand/mud layer. Their nests are also centralized and significantly bigger extending up to 6m below the surface in some instances. It’s common to find well over a million termites in a developed nest. These termites feed on any cellulose based matter by connecting the nest via mud tubes to a food source. For a household this includes grass roots, wooden skirtings, door frames, cupboards, laminate floors and roof trusses etc.

Getting Rid of Termites for Good

While there are various DIY ‘solutions’ available, hiring pest control specialists is vital if you want to rid your home of termites completely. Incorrect treatment can add to or prolong the problem rather than sort it out. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all structural termite treatments

Do you suspect a termite problem? Let us help you get rid of your termite infestation once and for all. For affordable and reliable pest control in Pretoria, get in touch with Pest Control Pros today!

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