Pest Control Centurion Prices: Factors That Determine the Cost

At Pest Control Pros, we often get asked about the cost of pest management. It’s easy to provide an hourly rate for pest control, but several factors could affect the cost. 

Treatment Type 

Eco-friendly pesticides may be better for families with children and pets but will require more applications, making them the more expensive option. Chemical pesticides require fewer applications and often last longer, thus being the more economical option.

Property Size 

A large property may require more treatment and take longer to treat, thus increasing the price of your pest control.

Pest Infestation Severity 

When you don’t have a pest management solution in place, it will take a long time and many treatments for a pest infestation to be completely eradicated from your home or office. 

Building Characteristics 

A commercial building will cost more than a residential home to fumigate. Older buildings may also cost more due to their materials and how long they have been neglected.

Number of Treatments 

You’ll need a variety of pest treatments to get the pest under control depending on the type and severity of the pest you’re trying to eliminate. To prevent pests from becoming out of control, we always recommend regular pest management. The more treatments you require, the more expensive it will become. 

Pest Control Centurion Prices: How Much Does It Cost?

In our role as pest specialists, we often receive this question: How much does pest control cost? There are no hard and fast answers to this question, and several factors will determine the price. It is therefore very difficult to give someone a price online that is accurate. Exterminators typically charge between R700 and R1500 for a one-time extermination. 

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