This Is Why Pest Control Will Always Be An Essential Service

We are in the second phase of lockdown and awaiting The President for further instructions. The lockdown might be lifted, or it might be extended. Who knows? In the meanwhile, Pest Control Pros are assisting clients in need of pest control services and disinfesctions.


Pest Control will always be deemed an essential service and here are our top 3 reasons why.

Lowers the Risk of Disease

Pests like rodents, cockroaches and flies infest the human environment and are carriers of diseases. They transmit these diseases directly through their mouths and contaminate all food and surfaces.


Pest control is vital to disrupt the cycle of disease transmission. The consequences of these diseases can range from mild to severe conditions which may require hospitalization and in some cases be fatal. About one billion people are affected globally by vector-borne diseases each year. According to WHO, around 900 million foodborne illness cases are reported annually.

Interrupts the Breeding Cycle of Pests

The breeding cycles of most pests are rapid which means if your premises is left untreated for an extended period — during lockdown — their numbers will increase quickly. They might start spreading to new areas and soon you’ll have an uncontrollable infestation on your hands which will increase the chance of illness. If you want to minimize the risk of disease, regular pest control services are vital in slowing down the breeding cycle.

Decreases Costs to Businesses

The damage pests can cause to infrastructure is extensive enough to stop the operation of anything from server rooms to production lines. Businesses rely on both production lines and digital networks. The cost of a pest infestation to your business is significant, thus pest control is necessary to keep your business safe.


As you can see, pest control is an essential service for many businesses and more importantly, critical to your health and wellbeing, even during a national lockdown. People are relying on our essential services to ensure safe healthcare as well as food safety and security. Contact Pest Control Pros for a free quote today!

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