What Attracts Rats To Your House?

When rats take up residence in your yard, garden, or house, it’s a big problem. It is surprising how much damage rats can do in a short period of time. If you have rats around, your home, vehicle, and garden are at risk. Furthermore, rats are a health risk because they transmit infectious diseases to humans and animals. Rats must be removed as soon as they are discovered to ensure they do not return. You can also prevent rats from appearing by taking preventative measures.

You need to understand what attracts rats to gardens if you want to get rid of them. Various plants attract rats, so you might be enticing them without realizing it. The effectiveness of rat traps depends on having an understanding of why rats are present. If traps are going to work, whatever attracts rats needs to be removed.

Water Sources That Attract Rats

Rats tend to stay around water sources since they require constant access to water. All sources of water for these rodents should be removed, covered, or repaired. This could include leaking taps, pet water bowls, irrigation lines, and other sources of standing water.

Smells and Odours That Attract Rats

Rats and mice are attracted to bird feeders, barbecue grills, pet food, pet waste, garbage containers, and even unharvested nuts and fruit from plants. It is possible to keep your yard rodent-free through good sanitation habits.

Plants That Attract Rats

Rats are attracted to plants that produce fruit and vegetables since they provide them with an excellent source of food. Fruits such as oranges, avocados, peaches, lemons, and figs are popular foods for rats and mice. They also enjoy walnuts and almonds. As a result, all fruit and nuts that fall must be immediately removed and discarded.

Overgrown and Stationary Areas That Attract Rats

A rat prefers overgrown areas rather than open spaces because they offer cover from predators and are ideal places for building nests. If there is no shelter in your yard, rats cannot survive. Remove compost piles, brush, ivy, debris, piles of wood, dense shrubs, and ground covers from your yard to prevent rats from breeding there. Moreover, keep storage shelters properly sealed – repair and seal all openings with robust materials such as heavy welded steel wire, metal flashing, concrete, or steel wool.

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