What Time of Year Are Rats Most Active in Centurion?

Human beings have been plagued by rats for centuries. Rats will follow people wherever they make their homes. There is, however, no mutual benefit to this relationship; rats receive shelter and food from humans in exchange for carrying disease and destroying food reserves. Similar to humans, these pests are capable of surviving in a variety of climates and locations. Their primary behaviour is nocturnal, and they have a high reproductive rate.

Despite the misconception that rats hibernate during the winter, these little mammals are active all year round. In cold climates, rats tend to be less active, thereby creating this belief. To manage their energy needs, they only reduce their activity.

It is important to note that rats do not hibernate and are not well prepared for the winter. However, some habits are used by rats during the cold winter months. These habits enable them to live and thrive right in front of our eyes. The purpose of this article is to discuss the traits rats possess that enable them to compensate for the fact that they cannot hibernate.

A rat’s body temperature is maintained by eating large amounts of food during the winter – sometimes double what it normally consumes. Rats become more active in autumn and sometimes even in late summer. In preparation for the upcoming winter, they stock up on food in their burrows during this time of high activity. 

Despite not hibernating, they stock up on food to avoid leaving their warm burrows. Rats eat anything they can get their hands on. Clothing, garbage, seeds, nuts, and vegetables are all included. This is why maintaining high standards of domestic hygiene is crucial to preventing infestations.

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There is no doubt that rats are intelligent. Despite the challenges they face, they can develop complex solutions. They never forget how to navigate a route once they figure it out. 

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