Why Do I Have Roaches in My Clean House?

Even if you diligently clean your house every day, you might find a roach or two scurrying around in your kitchen at night. Cockroaches are often associated with an unsanitary environment, but this is not always true.

The presence of cockroaches in a household is highly undesirable because they contaminate food and cause a variety of illnesses. Many homeowners diligently clean their homes to prevent cockroach infestations. The following factors can entice cockroaches to infest clean houses:

  • Moisture sources. Water leaks from sinks and appliances create the ideal conditions for roaches to thrive, since they provide a readily available source of water and warm, sheltered places in which to build their nests.
  • Messy landscaping. Having certain landscape features in your yard, such as palm trees, can attract cockroaches, as they provide shelter and water. Once roaches are nearby, they are more likely to invade your home.
  • Food sources. Despite the fact that your counters and floors may be free of food residue, roaches are able to find a source of nutrition. This is because they eat a wide range of objects, including cardboard boxes, pet food, and even hair.
  • Easy entry points. It is common for window seals to become loose, gaps between doors to develop, tears in screens to form, and holes to form around dryer vents and other access points to become vulnerable to roach infestations.

What to Do If You Suspect a Cockroach Infestation

It is important to act quickly if you suspect your home is infested with cockroaches. Roaches are prolific breeders, so they can lay eggs and expand their colonies without you being aware.

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