Why Pests Are Harmful to Human Beings

As a home or business owner, it can be incredibly frustrating to treat your pest infestation without success. No matter which pests you’re up against — rodents, cockroaches, fleas or termites — getting rid of them is always a challenge, especially when you use off-the-shelf pesticides. These products are not as strong as the pesticides professional PCOs use, simply because the typical user doesn’t know enough about safely treating pests. 

Why Pests Are Harmful to Human Beings

Pests create a significant health risk for you and your family. These pesky critters not only destroy your property, but insects such as lice, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs and ticks have the ability to transmit various diseases. 

Hire Pest Control Pros For Fast and Effective Pest Management

Do you have a pest infestation? Let Pest Control Pros help you get rid of it. Below are four reasons to hire us for your pest problem.

We Only Employ Licensed PCOs

Our pest specialists offer a variety of pest control services, including HACCP. Not only do they have the necessary licences, but they also bring their skills and experience to the table. You can trust your site in our capable hands. 

High-Quality Products

The pesticides we use are some of the best in the industry. While extremely powerful, they are also safe for use around humans and animals and harmless to the environment. All our pesticides are registered under ACT36 of 1947 according to SAPCA where we are registered. 

Supervision On-Site

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why we don’t leave any of our teams unattended while they are treating your pest problem on-site. 

Competitive Rates

We realise that most companies are pinching pennies right now due to the effects of this COVID pandemic. At Pest Control Pros, our prices are extremely competitive in the market to make sure you get value for your hard-earned money. 

For more information about our services or to request a free quote, feel free to get in touch with Pest Control Pros today!

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