Why Summer Is Peak Pest Season and What You Can Do About It

We are in the middle of summer in South Africa, and you might have noticed increased pest activity in and around your home. Why is it that pests like the warmer weather best? Pest Control Pros dives into the top 4 reasons why pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders and mosquitoes thrive during summer months.

Higher Temperatures
The increase in temperature during spring and summer directly affects the development and behavior of many common pests. There is more sustenance (food and water) available for pests to thrive in. More food means more regular reproduction meaning a few pests can become an infestation in no time.

More Sunlight
Summer means more hours of sunlight since the days are longer and nights shorter. It allows for longer feeding times for pests. We tend to see pests more often during summer since they too are enjoying the longer days.

Additional Moisture
Since pests need water for survival, they thrive in moist areas and during our rainy season. So, if you live in an area with summer rainfall and high humidity, you can expect to come in contact with a lot of unwanted visitors.

Pest Lifecycle
Many pests are cold-blooded which means they are affected by the weather. The result: increased activity during various stages of their life cycle in warmer months. Ants will increase in size as they reproduce to ensure their colony survives during winter when they become dormant.

Not all pests are a nuisance to humans, but many of them can inflict painful bites. To decrease activity around your home, follow these prevention tips.

Debris buildup in gutters become a moist breeding ground so make sure to clear them regularly
Trim plants growing against your property to prevent hidden entry points
Regularly inspect your property for cracks and crevices to eliminate entry points
Ensure tight-fitting lids for your trash cans

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