3 Ways To Get Rid Of Nuisance Flies In Your Home

If you think flies are disgusting, you’re right! These little pests carriers of numerous of diseases which they spread freely every time they sit on you or even worse your food.

Flies feed on open wounds, faecal matter and any other wet decaying substances in areas such as sewers, dumps, garbage heaps, trash cans and dead animal carcasses etc.

Flies spread bacteria which they pick up due to their attraction to rot and filth. It is believed that they can transmit at least 65 different diseases to humans. These include cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis, dysentery, poliomyelitis, anthrax, tularemia, anthrax and typhoid fever to name a few.

Below are a few methods which can be used to get rid of flies in your space to avoid contracting serious diseases.

UV Light & Sticky Boards

In areas such as commercial kitchens or HACCP sites Electronic Glue Board Fly Units are used to catch flies and prevent them falling into open foods or similar. In outdoor patios, terraces or similar Electric Fly Killers, known as Fly Zappers can be used as there’s no need to worry about the dead flies falling into open foods. Fly Units can be rented and serviced on a monthly basis or bought directly through a pest control company such as Pest Control Pros.


In enclosed areas with a high infestation, fogging is used for fly extermination. Off-the-shelf products might not be as effective as the chemicals used by specialist pest technicians. Additionally, if you don’t read and follow the instructions thoroughly, you might jeopardize the health and wellbeing of everyone around you. Note, the enclosed areas need to be kept closed to prevent re-infestation as any fogging type extermination has no residual (lasting effects)

Residual & Pheromone Sprays

Sprays are available to the public but are generally not as easy to use as normal residual sprays for pests such as ants etc. Baiting or pheromone spray options are extremely effective for fly control when used in waste, back of house cleaning or decaying matter collection areas. This type of treatment however needs to be applied regularly to ensure effective control.

Let the Pest Control Pros help you get rid of your fly infestation with one of our many effective solutions. Give us a call for a free quote today!

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