How To Manage Your Pest Problems This Summer

Summer is in full swing. But, with the warmer weather, you can expect to encounter some of the pests that come with the season. Ants, crickets, rodents, termites and cockroaches are just some to look out for. These little critters love the rain & heat.

The first order of business should be to create an environment they WON’T thrive in. Pests thrive where there is water and food — any food, even your pets’ food. It’s vital to keep your kitchen and eating areas clean and free from food particles. Leaving a used plate anywhere is a big no-no. Perhaps feed your dog or cat twice a day to avoid food standing around as a target for pests.

The next step is to keep your eyes open for unwanted visitors. If you see one cockroach or hear a rodent in the roof, there are sure to be more.

What to Do If You Encounter Pests in Your Home

The first instinct is typically to run to the store and buy all the bug spray you can get your hands on. This might be a temporary solution but typically won’t eradicate pests completely.

The best thing you can do is to get in touch with pest control experts who have the right qualifications, training and treatment solution for your pest problem.

Pest Control Pros can manage your pest problem no matter what it is or how severe. Our prices are extremely competitive and our treatment solutions are environmentally friendly.

We understand how stressful pests can be, which is why we aim to provide fast and effective service to all our customers. Let The Pest Control Pros help you manage your pest problem this summer. Call us on 086 111 3645 today!

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