How Do I Get Rid of Flies on My Deck?

If you have a deck, it is a wonderful place for summer celebrations and to sip a cup of coffee on a chilly night during the fall. However, there is nothing more unpleasant than flies buzzing in the air on your deck or patio during the summer months.

In the summer months, flies are most active and will congregate around wherever they can find food and breeding grounds. If they are infesting your deck, our expert advice and top-recommended fly control products can help eliminate them.

You may encounter many different types of flies on your deck or patio, even though they may appear and behave the same way. It may be fungus gnats that prefer outdoor plants, fruit flies that prefer rotten foods, or common house flies that are attracted to the area due to food or filth.

The presence of these insects is a nuisance regardless of their species. The good news is that they can be treated and prevented in largely the same way with a combination of integrated pest management (IPM), in which food and breeding sources are cleaned up and eliminated, as well as the superior fly control products we carry on hand.

When flies are in search of breeding places, even the tiniest amount of food is good enough for them. On your deck or patio, there are certain to be food traces; spilt cooldrinks, cookie crumbles, sugary juice residue, and sticky fingerprints. There are a variety of food sources on your deck for flies to eat. As flies have highly sensitive senses for detecting odour, they will be attracted to your deck from afar if you provide a welcoming environment.

For the flies to lay their eggs, they prefer dirty places, especially garbage. If your deck or patio is not regularly cleaned, it may be an open ground for them. Pets that litter near your deck could also attract flies. If there are any faeces in your yard or garden, flies will come around as well. 

Reliable Fly Control Centurion

You can eliminate the presence of flies on your deck with our professional fly control products from Pest Control Pros. To eliminate a fly infestation, our team will utilise a combination of high-quality fly traps, baits, and insecticides. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us today. 

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