What Are Five Things That Might Invite Pests into Your Home?

Insects, rodents, and pests are a fact of life. You cannot avoid them completely, but with the assistance of Pest Control Pros, you can efficiently and effectively eradicate any infestation in your home. 

As a leading pest control company in Centurion, we have learned that there are several things we can do to make our homes more attractive to pests. So let’s see what might be causing pests to choose to inhabit your home.


Leaving spills and crumbs unattended on the counter or leaving food containers open is one of the most common ways you attract pests.

Pests of all kinds, including cockroaches, flies, and rats, are attracted to food, whether it is spilt juice on the floor, leftover pizza in a box, or overripe fruit in the fruit bowl. Whenever possible, we recommend that you clean up unwanted food as soon as possible, and place leftover food and open packaging in an airtight container in the refrigerator or cupboards. In addition, regularly clean the kitchen and eating areas’ surfaces and floors.

Dirty Dishes

As tempting as it might be to wait until the morning to clean the dishes, it is imperative to do it as soon as possible. It might seem that a few hours won’t make a difference, but when pests find their way inside your home, infestations quickly occur.


Keep garages, attics, lofts, cupboards, cabinets, and spare rooms free of clutter so that pests do not have a place to hide and nest.

Crevices, Cracks, and Gaps

A crack, crevice, or small hideaway is a perfect place for pests to enter, and mice are especially adept at squeezing through tiny openings. Rodents are always searching for ways into your home. We recommend identifying and sealing any possible entry points for insects, regardless of how small they are, including cracks in windows and doorframes.

Garbage Bins

There is no doubt that garbage is the number one attraction for pests. On the inside as well as on the outside, rubbish bins provide pests with food and a place to nest. 

It has been shown that bins inside can attract insects, while bins outside can attract birds, and both indoor and outdoor bins can attract rodents. Your bins are inviting pests inside your home or property if they are overly full, leaking, or improperly sealed. To prevent piles and infestations, garbage should be double-bagged, especially food waste.

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