How Do You Stop a Flea Infestation in Its Tracks?

A flea infestation is one of the most frustrating things in life. Their size makes them able to get around easily, while their agility makes them difficult to control. As fleas prefer four-legged hosts to humans, your home, yard, and furniture may be targeted, too, if your pets have fleas.

Fleas are easily discernible to the naked eye because of their 2.5-millimetre size and strong legs which make them jump as far as 13 inches. Itching is a telltale sign of flea infestation, as well as seeing the little jumpers.

Fleas thrive in warm climates. The ideal temperature range is 80 to 90°F (26 to 32 °C) with 70 per cent relative humidity.

Flea larvae may remain dormant for months without a host if the weather isn’t ideal or there is no host available. Fleas live from a few weeks to several months as adults.

How Do You Stop a Flea Infestation in Your Home

Your home can become the flea nursery when your pet is a walking carrier of mature fleas. Approximately five per cent of flea infestations are caused by knowingly hosting adult fleas on your pet.

This means that since 95 per cent of the infestation is eggs, larvae, and cocoons, you will have to attack the problem from every angle if you want to effectively eliminate it.

You may need to treat the entire house or yard at once, depending on the boundaries of your pet.

How to start eradicating fleas from your home:

  • Use a steam cleaner to clean your carpets and upholstery, including your pet’s bed. Pay particular attention to any hot spots where your pet likes to sleep.
  • Sprays are preferable to foggers since they can be directed under beds or in other places that foggers cannot. Wear gloves when spraying this type of chemical treatment, and only do this when no one is home.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

Take a good look at your yard and make a list of the places that are shady, humid, and warm. Areas that are exposed to the sun can be too hot, so fewer fleas will be present in those areas.

Professional Flea Control

Professional pest control services like Pest Control Pros are the best way to get rid of fleas. Choosing the right pest control professional can help you eliminate fleas from your home and yard completely. Get in touch with Pest Control Pros today if you suspect that you have a flea problem. 

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