What Keeps Fleas Away from Your House?

Ever notice your cat or dog scratching more than usual while you were relaxing at home? Fleas might be the cause. Getting rid of fleas is difficult once they have already taken hold. The most effective flea prevention in your home starts with eliminating the fleas already present and then preventing their return.

Even if you find one or two fleas, chances are there are more. Climates that are humid, warm, and out of direct sunlight are ideal for fleas. Consequently, shaded areas of your yard, crawl spaces, dog houses, and other animal enclosures must receive special attention. These are areas where fleas thrive and can multiply.

What Causes Fleas?

Feminine fleas are capable of laying as many as 50 eggs per day and can survive for up to 100 days in places far from human habitations. Animals are the most common source of fleas. Keep an eye out for your own pets as well as stray animals in the neighbourhood and feral animals that may come to your yard for a visit.

Pets are usually the victims of flea bites, not people. Most of the time, flea bites occur on people. Although these bites do not cause significant pain for people, they are more noticeable once you have been bitten than with wasp stings. An insect bite will cause irritation, itching, and swelling around the bite site. Depending on how long your pet has been exposed to the flea’s saliva, they may develop allergies to it.

It’s easier to keep fleas away from your house than to get rid of them. Rugs, bedding, and other surfaces in the home used by pets can harbour fleas. Here are some tips to prevent an infestation:

  • Vacuum or sweep often and well. Carpets, rugs, and cushions on chairs and sofas should be vacuumed. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag outside when finished.
  • Wash bedding frequently with soap and water, especially pet bedding.
  • Treat all your pets, not just the ones who show signs of fleas. Flea baths or flea spray are effective flea treatments, so you should only use one method, not both.

What Keeps Fleas Away from Your House?

Some home remedies for fleas can manage the problem, but none of them can solve a flea infestation permanently. Flea remedies mainly target adult fleas, leaving larvae and eggs unaffected, which leads to another infestation once the eggs hatch and larvae develop.

When fleas persist after deep cleaning and close monitoring, it’s time to call an exterminator. They can use more powerful chemicals that are more likely to eliminate the pests completely. Get rid of your flea infestation now and get in touch with Pest Control Pros.

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