Two of the Most Common Pests in Centurion, Gauteng and How to Get Rid of Them Fast

Viruses and bacteria carried by pests contribute greatly to human diseases. They cause a variety of serious illnesses. Even though you may not become ill from consuming contaminated food, you can expect these little critters to damage your garden and property significantly if you consume contaminated food.

Although pests are a problem throughout the year, they seem to be at their most destructive during the summer. Pests will go anywhere they can find shelter and food, and it’s up to you to starve them out.

Common Pests in Centurion, Gauteng

Below are the most common pests you will come across, whether in your home or office.


Cockroaches are gross, no need for me to tell you that. It is also well known that removing cockroaches for good can be extremely challenging. These little disgusting critters are tough! No matter what the temperature, they can withstand. In addition to surviving nuclear explosions, they can survive a week without food, hold their breath for 40 minutes, and can survive a week without their heads. A cockroach species is estimated to be 280 million years old, and there are few indications that they are in danger of extinction.

There is a popular misconception that squashing cockroaches cause them to release eggs. However, this isn’t entirely true. Cockroach eggs can hatch even if the host has died if they were close to laying eggs, and they weren’t crushed during the process. Eggs that are too premature will die without hatching.


An infestation of rodents in your home can create an expensive, time-consuming, and expensive problem if left untreated. Rodents can cause absolute havoc in your home if left untreated.

To avoid their teeth from growing back into their skull and to keep them sharp, rodents chew through all kinds of materials, including metal, wood, brick, and concrete.

How to Get Rid of Pests Fast

To prevent pest infestations from becoming more serious, professional pest control contractors will do everything they can to keep their customers safe when fumigating their properties. It is recommended to put a treatment plan in place along with regular pest control services if you live in an area likely to have pest invasions. 

At Pest Control Pros, we only use the best pesticides on the market. We will use non-toxic and eco-friendly pesticides if you have small children or pests. Call Pest Control Pros today if you suspect a pest infestation.  

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